Granny Smith

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We love your products!

Hello I met you at a festival last year! You had told me to reach out to you about the products I bought and let you know how I liked them. Well we love them! I would like to place another order. Thanks for doing such great work! 


Happy Customer

Finally purchasing online…

We found grannysmith at a fair a few years back and haven’t changed the brand ever since. We started following them around fairs to get our deodorants, then browsing local shops that carried their products and finally purchasing online. I have tried most, if not all, the natural ingredient deodorants on the market and this is the only one that actually works. We travel a lot to the Caribbean and even in such high temperature and humidity this deodorant still does the work. I don’t stink at all, and even get a nice lemongrass whiff later on the day.


Happy Customer

Your deodorants are so effective and reliable!

Your deodorants are so effective and reliable! They destroy all the nasty odors from working hard physically in the sweltering heat! I highly recommend them and will continue using them. I’ve been a fan of yours since discovering your products at the 2019 Scandinavian festival in Junction City.



No odor after over 12 hours!

We tried the cedar wood deodorant through the Azure Standard food co-op we belong to, and are hooked! My husband sweats a lot and he is super impressed. No odor after over 12 hours! 



Love this deodorant and my friends love it as well!

Thank you. My order arrived quickly. Love this deodorant and my friends love it as well. I cannot wait to try your shaving soap for my legs. That will be my next order !! Love the note and how friendly and informative you are about your products. Worth every cent.



Natural Deodorant That Works!

I got my order today, thank you so much! I visited your booth last summer at the Sandy Mountain Festival. I’ve tried many natural/aluminum-free deodorants that have not worked for me. Your natural products were intriguing and I decided to try a few items and am very happy I did. The deodorant works great, I also bought one for my son and he told me it works well for him too! 



I have finally found a shaving option that is all-natural

I have finally found a shaving option that is all-natural – thanks so much! I never thought of shaving my legs with shaving soap N But it works really well & doesn’t leave my skin dry.



I could smell them before I even opened the box!

Hi Janet, I got the soaps! I could smell them before I even opened the box! Thank you!!! These are wonderful, and thanks for the refund on the shipping – quite unexpected 



I absolutely love this lotion stick!

I absolutely love this lotion stick! I have very short hair and one day after using this on my hands, I ran them through my hair and discovered the best styling product! I have used all the other types of hair creams to make my hair look a bit dirty (sounds gross but it’s not!) and the lotion stick was great! So now, it performs double duty. I get really soft hands and great looking hair. Plus I love the smell!!! 



My skin and nose are happy! 

I just wanted to let you know that I love your products! I discovered them through an organics website that my coworker told me about – azure standard – that I order from regularly. I took a chance on the lavender lotion stick and fell in love. I have found it was great before bed to help heal my cracked hands during Minnesota’s winters. I now own multiple and gifted ones to my mother who also loved it! 

I have also tried the bug stick on my daughter that works and doesn’t have a terrible smell. And recently tried the honeysuckle lotion stick and was not the least bit disappointed. I also found that your lotion sticks do the trick to heal my dry hands after working in the garden all day. Thank you for this. Recently I ordered a soap, so I’m excited to see what it is like.

My skin and my nose are happy! 



Felt like I had just gotten a cleaning at my dentist’s office

The first time I tried your toothpowder it felt like I had just gotten a cleaning at my dentist’s office. This is great & I love that it has no chemicals in it! 



I love your lip balm

I found your product at the Mother Earth News Fair in Albany last summer. I tried your product and loved it, so I bought one. I saved the info so I could purchase more. I love your lip balm. All I need is one application to heal my dry lips. 

Thank you for the extra tube. So blessed. 



Safe Deodorant Without Chemicals

I received a sample from my PT after going through a list of natural brands. You are the first that has worked. I was diagnosed with breast cancer and just started chemo when I had to begin my search. Thank you so much for such a great product. 



This is the ONLY natural deodorant that has ever worked for me

This is the ONLY natural deodorant that has ever worked for me. I’ve searched and searched for years and receive this as a gift recently. It has worked so well in sweaty yoga classes. I was so confident in its ability I took it on a recent work trip which involved days that started at 7 and ended at 11! Airplane rides, nerves and I still smell fresh like grapefruit. Thank you! Thank you! 



My friend gifted me several of your soaps and hand balms

My friend gifted me several of your soaps and hand balms recently. I have thoroughly enjoyed the refreshing fragrances and the feel of them. You have a wonderful product. Thanks so much. 


Happy Customer

I’ve been looking for this product all my life

I have to say I’ve been looking for this product all my life. Amazing how fresh you smell even at the very end of the day! I love the clean lemongrass smell, and love the natural ingredients!! I seriously still smell like lemon when I crawl into bed. Thank you!!!



Bug Repellent That Works

I used the bug repellent up in late summer in Astoria sitting on a friend’s porch watching the sunset. With your repellent on, we would watch a mosquito head toward my arm, then pull an about-face and take off! 



Can’t wait for the next shipment!

I found your products at the Eugene Airport gift shop. I can say I am really pleased with them and shared my good findings with my college-age daughter. Thanks and can’t wait for the next shipment!  



Bug Repellent

I purchased your Bug Repellent at the Scandi Festival & really like this product! 



I sampled your bug repellant

At the Sandy Mtn. Festival I purchased a sample of bug repellant (peppermint, rosemary, & lemongrass essential oils). I offered it up to my daughter and her friend, both of whom are tortured by biting insects and they LOVED it.  



Pet Flea & Tick Shampoo Bar

I recently purchased a flea and tick shampoo bar from your booth at the Scandinavian Festival in Junction City. I love it. I wash my dog frequently with it as this year has been a really bad flea year. Can you tell me how or where to order some more? Thank you. 


Catherine R.

These products are so soothing !

These products are so soothing ! The grapefruit deodorant is the best I’ve ever found. The honeysuckle lotion stik soothed my skin after a bad fraxel treatment that left me badly burned. It was so good that I ordered three more a week later. Can’t wait to try the bees wax and honey soap too. Everything I’ve tried so far exceeds my expectations and satisfies my high standards for natural skin care ! 



Pet Flea Bar Works For Lice Too!

Last December, when I came back from a trip abroad, I discovered lice in my hair. We had the pet flea & tick shampoo bar at home so I used it a few times daily for 3 days while combing the nits out of my hair. It worked really great ! And I love the fact that it’s natural without any chemicals !


Anna Leith

Cured my daughter's eczema!

I found you at the vintage harvest fair- your amazing sales lady gifted me a travel size of lavender lotion after hearing the woes of my battle with my toddlers eczema. My daughter is mixed race and NOTHING has worked for her- she’s 2.5 years old and constantly itching her skin raw. I applied it to her highly sensitive areas: creases if her elbows, knees, and behind her neck. I CANT BELIEVE HOW AMAZING IT IS! Her skin is cured, and the smell is so nice and calming! I’m absolutely sold and will be a lifelong customer.



Soap Scents

I purchased this amazing soap based on the scent. Lathers nicely. Rinses easily and leaves one feeling refreshed as well as clean.


Tina M.

We’ll never go back to store bought soap!

I love knowing that, when washing with your natural soap, my family & I are not putting chemicals & additives on our skin. It even makes my skin feel cleaner, not dried out but softer as well. We’ll never go back to store bought soap!



Wonderful Soaps

We just bought some of your wonderful soaps at the Scandinavian Festival. When is your next soap making class? My Mom and I are thinking about attending one of your classes.




I just bought your lotion sticks at the Albany Air and Art Show. I AM HOOKED! I want to keep them on hand all the time.

I bought the tuberose for me and lavender for a friend’s birthday gift.

Thanks for making this great product


Betsy J

Your Lotion Stick has cured my eczema!

Your Lotion Stick has cured my eczema! I apply it to my hands every night. I love the ingredients, I love the fragrance, & I love the way it feels. I seriously haven’t had eczema all this winter. I just gave one of your Lotion Stiks to a friend as a gift


George G.

My hands have cleared up.

I had eczema on the palms of my hands for many years. They were dry, flaky & sometimes itchy & burning. I’ve been using your soap, and now my hands have cleared up . They look like my own again.


Marcia S.

The BEST soap ever!

It is awesome for my older, fragile Norwegian complexion. Your soaps are the perfect blend to soften my skin & decrease my wrinkles M At work I am required to wash my hands a lot so they were dry, cracked & painful. After using Granny Smith’s soaps my hands have healed!



Great Deodorant!

Thank you! Arrived quick. Love this deodorant and my friends love it as well. I cannot wait to try your shaving soap in a cup for my legs. That will be my next order ! Love the note and how friendly and & informative you are about your products. Worth every cent!


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